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Mobile platform for measurements in horticulture and floriculture

Do you need to get leaf area measurement quickly and accurately? And do you have a mobile phone with OS Android? Finally, are you ready to use Computer Vision algorithms to estimate leaf area?

If your answer is YES, then Petiole Leaf Area is your innovative agritech tool for quick and precise leaf area measurement.

Petiole is one of the most effective tools to measure leaf area using a smartphone
Petiole is one of the most effective tools to measure leaf area using a smartphone

Petiole – Leaf Area Meter in a Smartphone

I enjoyed using Petiole – it is very intuitive and gave me nice, accurate leaf area measurements. It is always nice when you have technical solutions that work really well! However, my research has shifted directions. I am working much less with leaf-level physiological measurements, and more with large-scale, satellite-based measurements. There are some opportunities I see to use Petiole again – it looks like leaf mass per area (LMA) may drive some of the signal in near-infrared reflectance.

Christopher Anderson, Stanford University 

Good, It was what I wanted.

Adauto Ribeiro, Feedback at Google Play Market 

Petiole for many leaves

Спасибо разработчикам за приложение! Даже не ожидала, что есть такое, очень удобно проводить измерения, особенно, когда у тебя много листьев. Сначала были проблемы с настройками петиоль.пада, разработчик посоветовал сделать следующие шаги: прижать калибровочный лист к плоскости стола. Важно, чтоб он был ровным; приблизить камеру к калибровочному листу; попробовать другие калибровки №5 №7 №15 и все получилось! 

Darya Nectarine, Feedback at Google Play Market

First of all, Petiole is a precision agriculture technology company developing solutions to improve on agriculture research and decision-making about yields. We do this by providing accurate data with an advanced data analytics platform to help researchers make faster, more informed decisions. Also, Petiole works with agriculture’s leading research institutions, to remove technical challenges of specific leaf area measurement.

Petiole’s goal is to be a world leader in solutions for agriculture research. Our vision is to enable precision plant leaf data into agriculture research to make agriculture more sustainable, help in feeding the planet and stopping climate change.

How to measure leaf area with Petiole mobile application?

We have developed Computer Vision algorithms to measure specific leaf area for analysis of plant health, development and stress. Our technology captures visual data from the plant leaf and transforms it into actionable insights to researchers via mobile and cloud applications.