Happy New Year with Plants

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Happy New Year with Plants

Happy New 2020 Year with Plants. From Petiole with accuracy of measurements and love

2019 was a year with plants and measurements. And we are happy because it was pretty busy for Petiole. Since now is the best time to remember the biggest milestones, let’s speak more about what we have done in the last 365 days.

Year with Plants and Computer Vision

It was a great thing to spend 2019 looking at plants with Computer Vision. As a great supporter of this technology, our team was delighted to work on core algorithms of leaf area and chlorophyll content measurement. Also, we considered the need to work on other new tools for farming and plant research.

8K Downloads of Petiole Leaf Area Meter

Nice to see the growth of Petiole Leaf Area Meter audience. We are impressed with the number of over 8,000 people who decided to use our mobile application. What is even more interesting for us – the geography of our customers varies so much! We are so pleased to know that Indonesia, Brazil, India, Malaysia and Ghana are our top-five countries. Hence, our year was full of numbers, metrics and… measurements in square centimetres :).

Technical Problems and Fixing Them

It won’t be true to say that we were relaxing with our plants and smartphones. Our year was full of issues with mobile application, Computer Vision algorithms as well as other problems of our customers. We read each email, sent to us. We appreciate every day of work with our customers and glad that we’ve created something good for plant scientists.

To demonstrate how to fix the problems related to Petiole Leaf Area Meter, we created video tutorials and blog posts. Hence, each of these videos and posts must explain how to avoid the painful points of work with our mobile application.

For example, calibration of camera for Petiole app is not always smooth for all smartphones. As a result, you can check this advice to solve the problem and, finally, start to measure your plants. Also, check this video for understanding what you need to do:

Please, let us know if you still have any issues. We are here to help.

The Plans for Future Year with Plants 🙂

Finally, in 2019 we build great plans for the future of Petiole. Seeing how quickly the technology is improving and accelerating, we understand that a smartphone can bring even more value for farmers and growers in the next couple of years. As a result, we have drafted our plans for 2020.

The main aspect for us is to launch a new, updated Petiole app, with more Computer Vision algorithms for measurement, counting and colour detection. Do you have any specific need, where our existing algorithm may help?

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