Useful Survey: A Compelling Tool For Plant Leaf Data

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Useful Survey: A Compelling Tool For Plant Leaf Data

Have you ever responded on agritech survey? If not yet, now is your time :)

We have worked on Petiole, a leaf area meter in a smartphone, for more than 5 years. Hence, we obtained many insights about our customers. We know how we can help to do leaf area analysis. Petiole Leaf Area is a real example of capturing plant leaf data using digital technologies. Hence, what we are doing now – exploring. We collect feedback from our customers to understand what other feature of Petiole is better to work on.

By the way, do you have any ideas?

Plant Leaf Data in details

There are many leaf characteristics that are important for plant science. The progress of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are next to agriculture. We understand that digital technologies may bring additional value to our agritech products. Millions of plant scientists, plant breeders and agronomists may benefit.

But how we can get your opinion? The most trusted way as of now is this survey.

We understand that it is a difficult task to get thousands of answers from all of our customers. At the same time, every opinion is crucially important to us. We will be greatly appreciated for 85 seconds of your time to answer our questionnaire.

Do you get enough accurate plant leaf data for your better yield?
Do you get enough accurate plant leaf data for your better yield? Photo credit: Petiole

Agritech questions and answers

In our survey, we will not ask you about leaf area measurements. It will be great if you tell us about the most important issues in your everyday job. It may be a direction for further development of our agritech startup. We spent long hours in brainstorming and design of these questions. Hence, we hand-picked only the most relevant and significant.

We have selected 10 statements and questions to get your valuable feedback. They are only about the topic of your plant research in agriculture or ecology. These questions ask you about your geographical location. Additionally, we need to know a type of work involvement. Finally, we ask about research interests and methods of your work.

Separately, we need to know about data, you are working with.

Surely, just 10 questions are not enough for getting a deep insight into the needs in the arable agriculture industry. However, this is a designed start of our long journey to change agriculture science in terms of its digitalization.

We have started this project purely because of interest. But now we understand that our Petiole may answer the most important questions in agriculture:

  1. What are your thoughts about how to grow better yield?
  2. Do you know how to prevent loss of yield?
  3. How to follow sustainable agriculture practises when growing your plants?

The first question is about obtaining more trusted and accurate plant leaf data. It is significant for total plant leaf analysis and forecasts of future results.

The second question is directly related to plant pathology. We will help to optimize traditional routine in checking the plant’s health. Additionally, we think about plant disease treatment.

Finally, we believe that Petiole helps to become more organic-friendly growers. Because our motto is “fewer chemicals – more human & nature interactions and success”.

Petiole background

Petiole was founded in 2017 as a British agritech company that brings Computer Vision and Machine Learning into plant science.

The first product, a mobile application Petiole Leaf Area helps agronomists and plant breeders to boost their productivity. It supports obtaining plant leaf data, specifically leaf area measurement.

In June 2015, the idea of Petiole Leaf Area went to the final of GIST Tech-I Competition. This is an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from emerging economies worldwide. The competition is a U.S. State Department initiative and is implemented by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
In November that year, Petiole was ranked among the hottest 20 world startups by American business channel CNBC.

Now the team works on Petiole Green, a brand new mobile application. It will improve the Nitrogen use efficiency of individual farmers when growing crops.

The survey, discussed in this post, is directly related to Petiole Green. Also, it will help with the understanding of the interests of the target audience. Please, respond to the survey here. Make your own contribution to the success of global agritech ecosystem.

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