Story of Petiole & Happy Birthday

Mobile platform for measurements in horticulture and floriculture

Story of Petiole & Happy Birthday

Story of Petiole: Happy Birthday!

The story of Petiole started on February 13, 20217, when we registered a company. This is an official launch of Petiole’s life. However, our unofficial story was much more longer. Anyway, we celebrate each February 13 as our Birthday of Petiole. It was a nice day, which was the turning point for our lives. Since then, we work in agritech and bring Computer Vision to horticulture and crop science.

Petiole milestones and achievements

Mobile application has already obtained two versions. The latest one, Petiole Leaf Area, has 3,000+ downloads in almost 100 countries. It is our result as of today.

Today we have what to think about from our past. During the last couple of years, we got recognition at the international competitions. First and the most well-known is GIST Tech-I, organised by the US Department of State.

Also, Petiole was the winner at the Ukrainian agro-hackathons. In early 2016 we visited the Silicon Valley as a part of Ukrainian agitech mission. Finally, in 2018 we were honoured to bring Petiole to the memorable Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India.

To be continued? Sure, life is unpredictable and we never know what is coming next.

The third part of our users are women. Due to our Android-first policy, all our users have only this operational system.

Video story of Petiole

In brief, any birthday is the best day to remember the milestones and story. As a result, now you can see the short overview of our videos. We made them many years ago. But thanks to them you can see the evolution of Petiole. Surely, we want to show you them since they are our pride.

Anyway, we believe that even now, when we have just an instrument to make agriculture science and ecology research more effective, we have already contributed to a global karma of productivity in agriculture.

We hope that future of Petiole will be bright and full of green leafy emotions. We want to say thank you to many people and organisations and are waiting for continuation of our collaboration. Petiole loves and needs you.

Thanks Хіміко-біологічний факультет ТНПУ ім. Володимира ГнатюкаAndriy HzУманський національний університет садівництваVolodymyr MaiborodaAgTech Ukraine. Also we want to thank Yuriy PetrukAgri-Tech EastFarm491Vitalii MocharskyiNika BunziakОлег Фурманець, Вячеслав Быков. Special thank you are for Zavtra.UA and Всесвітні студії / WorldWideStudies for inspiration and strong community support. In fact, this list is longer but we’ll share our thanks in person.

In Petiole we trust. We will keep you updated about our new achievements.


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