Petiole App for Leaf Area Index Gets Scientific Confirmation

When using an instrument in a research, each scientist tries to find the most trusted tool. In particularly, it is important to find a tool which gives precise and accurate measurements and increases productivity. Many times we have repeated: Petiole App for Leaf Area is a simple but effective tool for scientists to measure the leaves of different crops. Recently we have got a proof of these words. Indian scientists have found that Petiole Pro has high accuracy, and it is possible to apply it in different types of experiments, such as fertilization or irrigation studies.

Background of the Research

Leaf area is a key variable in estimating the potential yield of crops. This variable plays crucial role for any research but requires time and knowledge how to estimate it. Traditional ways to measure leaf area include grid method, using of expensive handheld equipment or software for personal computers. At the same time, these methods have disadvantage related to their price, accuracy and time consumption.

Hence, the scientists of global plant research community are constantly looking for a method of leaf area estimation. It should measure leaf area accurately, quickly and cost effectively as well.

One of the latest trends worldwide is using a smartphone in different type of measurements of plant traits. Agritech companies and individual developers have already introduced a couple of digital leaf area meters.

Petiole Pro is one of the latest mobile application of this range and it has a strong predecessor – Petiole App. This mobile application started its history in 2017; but during the last couple of years it it has already obtained thousands of customers in most of the countries.

Petiole App for Leaf Area, assessed by Indian Scientists

 Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR-IARI), which is also commonly known as Pusa Institute, is located in Pusa, New Delhi. It is a premier national Institute for agricultural research, education and extension.

Petiole App for Leaf Area was scientifically challenged by the researchers of Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Indian Agricultural Research Institute. Photo credit: ICAR-IARI

Two Research Scholars of this Institute – Dr Jagjeet Singh and Dr Abhishek Kumar, working together with Laxman Singh, a past student at Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, got an idea to assess the performance of the Petiole Ap on the leaf area estimation, depending on the calibration height.

They drafted an article, which was discussing the comparatively new technique for leaf area measurement – a digital leaf area meter. They focused on two plant species – Neem and Rose.

The main questions, answered by the scientists are the following:

  • Does a person need to use any complex coding and/or algorithms to measure leaf area using the image processing?
  • What is the effect of the calibration height on the performance of the proposed new technique?
  • How big is an error during each observation for each of plant species?

Answers to these questions are significant for understanding the effectiveness and accuracy of measurements and relevance to use this method for further scientific research.

Scientists demonstrated the main components for estimating leaf area with Petiole App for Leaf Area
Scientists demonstrated the main components for estimating leaf area with Petiole App


Petiole App helps avoid the complex coding and algorithms required in the measurement of leaf area using the image processing techniques.

In fact, Indian scientists have confirmed that Petiole App for Leaf Area has good accuracy with any height. It is possible to apply this method for different crops.

The results of the experiment confirm: a leaf area error was less than 1 square centimetre for both plant species. The study also showed a non-significant effect of calibration height on the performance of the mobile application. Scientists have noticed that the maximum error (in square centimetres) occurs with increasing calibration height from H1 to H3. However, it was less than one square centimetres.

This study also found that results of leaf area estimation by the mobile application has the same level of accuracy as grid count method does. 

Read, Download and Refer the Article

You can download the article here:

Otherwise, you can find this publication in The Pharma Journal through this link.

For further reference you can use the following information:

Singh J., Kumar A., Singh L. Performance of the petiole mobile application on the leaf area estimation as varied with calibration height. The Pharma Innovation Journal, 2021; SP-10(4): 337-341

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