We bring Computer Vision to plant science

Agriculture Research

Petiole helps in particular areas of plant physiology, plant breeding and botany.

Agriculture Chemistry

Understanding the outcome of applying fertilizers or chemicals. More about this in our Blog.

Agriculture Education

Petiole helps agriculture universities and colleges around the world to use innovative method of leaf area measurement at workshops. Due to technological specifics, it can be in simultaneous use of many pupils and students.

Arable Farming

Petiole helps to monitor plant growth in early vegetation stages of almost all crops.


Petiole helps to obtain leaf area data in non-destructive and destructive measurements.

Aerial Imagery & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Petiole makes link between images made in the sky and ground truth data.


Petiole helps you to understand influence of climate change on particular plants in different areas of their habitat. More about this in our Blog.