How Can I Get The Calibration Pad?

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How Can I Get The Calibration Pad?

How to get the calibration pad for Petiole Leaf Area Measurement?

“Get the calibration pad” – this is task no.1, if you want to measure leaf area effectively and accurately with Petiole. In fact, the link to download your calibration pad will arrive directly to the email, which you provided for authorisation. However, if you still don’t have the this important piece of equipment for leaf area measurement, then it’s time to have it.

Explanation of the Need of Calibration Pad

Firstly, you may think that this is unusual task – to get the calibration pad. However, this is not true. Indeed, you cannot start to use Petiole Leaf Area Meter without calibration. Simply, your camera won’t be ready for precise measurement.

In brief, as you can see in this video, calibration pad is an essential part of the equipment for leaf area measurement with Petiole app.

As of now, we are not selling calibration pads. However, we give them for free to anyone! You can find Petiole calibration pad using the links provided below.

Types of Calibration Pads for Petiole App

Surely, we understand that the size of leaves varies. And the distance between the camera and the leaf varies as well. Hence, based on these two aspects, we’ve created four types of calibration pads.

All of them are available in tree-friendly mode, on one A4 sheet of paper. Please, follow this link to download the pads for camera calibration of Petiole App.

You can download all calibration pads for Petiole Pro in one page using this link

However, if you know what specific size of calibration pad you need, then choose from the range below.

For big leaves we recommend to use the pad #15. Particularly, follow this link to get it:

If you have leaves of the medium size, then use calibration pad #10:

Leaf area of small leaves requires pad #7:

Lastly, for very small leaves find the pad #5 below:

Choose the calibration pad in accordance with the size of your leaf and the distance between the leaf and your smartphone's camera
Choose the calibration pad in accordance with the size of your leaf and the distance between the leaf and your smartphone’s camera

Step-By-Step Instruction How to Get Your Calibration Pad

  1. Firstly, check available four different pads.
  2. Then choose your own calibration pad depending on (a) distance between a leaf and your camera and (b) size of your leaves.
  3. Obviously – print your pad on A4. Preferably, use card paper to make your pad’s life longer.
  4. Cut your pad with scissors. If you can laminate, do it! And then your calibration pad will be ready to use.

Problems with Camera Calibration

From time to time, our customers have problems with camera calibration. Firstly, we’ve tried to create a brief guideline how to solve this problem.

As a matter of fact, the problem is not related to the pad or stand for Petiole app. Basically, the biggest hidden challenge is linked to the camera of your smartphone. Unfortunately, in reality not all the producers of modern phones are responsible.

Sadly, but they use cheap materials and simplified software for cameras. Hence, the mobile app, which is perfectly working on most Android-based devices, have lots of problems on unique cheap items.

Anyway, if you have any problems with Petiole, then let us know about them. Hence, we’ll try to be helpful.

Finally, we want to thank you once again for your continued support and interest in Petiole products. Also, please, do not hesitate to subscribe for our Youtube, Facebook or Twitter to get the most interesting updates.

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