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We bring Computer Vision to plant science

Measuring stand for Petiole app, printed on 3D printer, which you can get for free

How to get measuring stand for Petiole?

Measuring stand for Petiole is the thing, frequently asked in Google and via our email. That’s why, we decide to explain this topic in more details. Why do you need to have a stand to use Petiole app? What type of stand is the best for leaf area measurement? Where to get measuring stand for…
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How to get the calibration pad for Petiole Leaf Area Measurement?

How Can I Get The Calibration Pad?

“Get the calibration pad” – this is task no.1, if you want to measure leaf area effectively and accurately with Petiole. In fact, the link to download your calibration pad will arrive directly to the email, which you provided for authorisation. However, if you still don’t have the this important piece of equipment for leaf…
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We found at least 6 disadvantages of agriculture drones. Photo Credit: Andrii Seleznov

Disadvantages of Agriculture Drones

Drawbacks of drones is not a highly popular topic to speak. More people pay attention to the benefits of using these unmanned aerial vehicles for agriculture. And this is fair enough. Drones are one of the most innovative methods of how to carry in-field monitoring. At the same time, there are at least five obvious…
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Have you ever responded on agritech survey? If not yet, now is your time :)

Useful Survey: A Compelling Tool For Plant Leaf Data

We have worked on Petiole, a leaf area meter in a smartphone, for more than 5 years. Hence, we obtained many insights about our customers. We know how we can help to do leaf area analysis. Petiole Leaf Area is a real example of capturing plant leaf data using digital technologies. Hence, what we are…
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Happy New Year with Petiole

2019 year was pretty busy for Petiole.

Reference Petiole mobile application has been already referenced in two international scientific journals

How to Reference Petiole Mobile Application in Scientific Research

Recently we got a question from the customer how to reference Petiole mobile application in his dissertation. In brief, he is a researcher in agriculture science and needs to quote Petiole as an instrument of leaf area measurement.

Calibration pad is an essential component to calibrate camera in Petiole, mobile application for specific leaf area measurement

Calibrate Camera in Petiole Not Working (FIXED)

In general, we get many questions about fixing a problem to calibrate camera in Petiole, a mobile application for specific leaf area measurement. That is why we decided to suggest two general solutions for this issue.

Happy Birthday, Petiole

Officially, Petiole was born on February 13. It was a nice day, which was the turning point for our lives. Since then, we work in agritech and bring Computer Vision to plant science.

How to measure leaf area with smartphone?

How to Measure Leaf Area with Smartphone?

How to measure leaf area with smartphone? This is truly the key question for many agriculture scientists who don’t want to waste life using traditional methods of leaf area measurement. We consider the mobile application as one of the most innovative methods for leaf area measurement and explain why this is the real fact.

Apple Trees. Photo by Michael Weidner

Evaluation Methods Of Estimation of Young Apple Trees Leaf Area

The analysis of the three measurement methods of leaf blade area of young bi-axis apple trees on rootstock 54-118 was made. High accuracy of the measurement results by a method of area calculation within a leaf contour on millimetre graph paper (31,21 sq. cm ) and with help of a method of computer sight using…
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