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Mobile platform for measurements in horticulture and floriculture

Leaf area measurement with Petiole

Dr Oleg Furmanets speaks about plant leaf data tools

Plant leaf data tools are discussed by agronomists, students and agriculture managers. This is the topic of interest for any professional who work in agriculture and wants to improve own productivity. Oleg Furmanets, Ph.D in Agriculture (2015) is a lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Science and Agriculture of the National University of Water Management…
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Overview of Petiole at GreenAppsAndWeb: How to measure leaf area with smartphone?

4 proven methods of how to measure leaf area

You have a plant leaf and need to know how to measure leaf area. What is the most efficient way to do this calculation? And how about accuracy? Let’s consider these questions and find the most relevant solution for you.

Leaf surface area: why and how to measure?

A scientist who studies plants repeatedly faced with a need to measure leaf surface area. The most difficult task is to define complex leaves. The hidden problem of this task is related to the complicated contour of these leaves. Hence, the question is about why do we need to struggle so much and measure leaf…
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Petiole is a tool for precision horticulture

Andrii Seleznov: Hitting the top twenty isn’t enough

Agrohackathon, which took place in Ukraine and was the most ambitious event of the agriculture industry, bore fruit. Ukrainian young IT specialists were able to get into the TOP-20 of the coolest startups in the world in 2015 according to CNBC. This was told by Andrii Seleznov, the technical founder of the Petiole, which measures…
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