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Mobile platform for measurements in horticulture and floriculture

How to measure leaf area with ImageJ?

Probably, you’ve heard about the battle between Petiole Pro and ImageJ. However, if not – soon you will get more details about this. As of now, it is the right time to start with ImageJ. However, for any researcher, who would like to use this software it would be a problem to understand how to…
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Petiole App for Leaf Area Measurement Gets Scientific Confirmation

When using an instrument in a research, each scientist tries to find the most trusted tool. In particularly, it is important to find a tool which gives precise and accurate measurements and increases productivity. Many times we have repeated: Petiole App for Leaf Area is a simple but effective tool for scientists to measure the…
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A Detailed Guide How to identify Nitrogen Deficiency without SPAD

Nitrogen deficiency is one of the most common plant disorders. It affects mostly green plants and manifests itself in a light yellowish-green leaf colour, followed by pale or white stems. If you are an avid gardener who would like to have healthy plants, then it’s important for you to know how to identify Nitrogen Deficiency…
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Lack of nutrients in plants is a major issue that needs to be addressed

Lack of Nutrients in Plants: What to Do About It

Lack of nutrients in plants is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Plants are not able to grow as well when they lack certain key nutrients. This can lead to poor growth, or even death of the plant if left untreated.

Petiole is among top European Cannabis Companies. Photo: Matthew Sichkaruk

Cannabis Companies: our Petiole is on the list

Cannabis companies is a new interesting topic for conversations in many business circles. First of all, this is related to the latest hot discussions about legalization of medical cannabis in many countries. But also, it has speeded up by the global coronavirus pandemics, which unrevealed the mental health problems and CBD products as possible cure.…
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Accuracy of leaf area measurement with Petiole Pro app is high (over 98%)

Accuracy of Petiole Pro Leaf Area Meter

We got many questions about the accuracy of leaf area measurement with Petiole Pro. Hence, today we will consider this aspect in more details. Also, we’ll give you a proof that Petiole Pro is one of the most accurate leaf area meters now in the world. Are you ready to know the truth?

Chlorophyll Content Measurement gives important information about plant health and level of stress

Chlorophyll content measurement: why and how?

Cholorophyll content measurement is an important parameter for plants’ health. But why? And how to make chlorophyll content measurement effective and accurate? We will try to consider these questions in details.

Why do we need to measure leaf surface area?

Sometimes there is a need to measure leaf surface area. However, before you go further with a search of tools for leaf area measurement and tips how to do it in the most effective manner, the best question to ask is “why?”. Why does leaf surface area play crucial role for plant scientists? There are…
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How to use chlorophyll content meter in a smartphone?

Chlorophyll content meter is a useful tool for agronomists and crop scientists. However, many of them complain that this type of agriculture research equipment is extremely expensive. Hence, most of the agronomists cannot afford to buy it and use to understand the current state of plant’s health and development. In this article we’ll check how…
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Measuring stand for Petiole app, printed on 3D printer, which you can get for free

How to get measuring stand for Petiole?

Measuring stand for Petiole is the thing, frequently asked in Google and via our email. That’s why, we decide to explain this topic in more details. Why do you need to have a stand to use Petiole app? What type of stand is the best for leaf area measurement? Where to get measuring stand for…
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