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Agritech map of Ukraine: Petiole among the top startups

Petiole on agritech map of Ukraine

Agritech map of Ukraine is incredibly colourful. And the agritech industry – or agricultural innovation – is becoming more and more attractive. Particularly, given the ever-growing human need for food. Today we’ll look more closely to the agritech map of Ukraine and key startups on it.

Petiole at REAP 2017, organised by Agri-Tech East in Cambridge, UK

Petiole at REAP 2017

Petiole at REAP 2017. Can you imagine this? That’s our great honour and pleasure. Today we got a priceless opportunity to represent our agritech project at one of the must-know agriculture events in the United Kingdom.

During the leaf area workshop in Uman

Effective leaf area measurement: One-Day Workshop in Uman

Effective leaf area measurement is an important step to get the best understanding of the plant physiology and development. And at Petiole we care about the success of our customers, who use mobile application for leaf area measurement in their plant research.

Agtech Seminar On Knowledge Transfer in Ternopil, Ukraine

Agtech Seminar On Knowledge Transfer

Agtech Seminar on Knowledge Transfer is an important even for any educational institution. Hence, it was a great time at the Ternopil National Pedagogical University (Ternopil, Ukraine).

Leaf Area Measurement with Petiole Mobile Application: Petiole Spreads Worldwide

Petiole Spreads Worldwide

Today we’ll tell you a little bit more about how Petiole speads worldwide. Indeed, this is not a one day process. But we are proud of the results, which we have already achieved.

Petiole is one of the most effective tools to measure leaf area using a smartphone

Total Leaf Area Measurements & Many More

It was interesting and challenging way but we have gone it. Finally, we have completely new Petiole.LeafArea, an Android based mobile application for biology, plant physiology, agriculture chemistry and ecology. We re-write it from scratch. Now Petiole measures not only the specific leaf area of an individual plant leaf but can measure total leaf area.…
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Leaf Area Measurement: Case Study

Leaf Area Measurement is a hard task for researchers with hundreds or thousands leaves to calculate leaf area. In this case study, we used different methods to measure leaf area of trees. We needed to compare the leaves of trees in big cities and in their natural conditions.

Interview with Andrii Seleznov, the co-founder of startup Petiole

Today we have a chance to chat about real development of own ideas with Andrii Seleznov, co-founder of startup Petiole. We will try to avoid winning relations and suggestions on how it is easy (or difficult) and enjoyable to feel media exposure on yourself.  Instead of this, we want to write about quite a lengthy…
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Petiole app was listed at GreenAppsAndWeb

Overview of Petiole at GreenAppsAndWeb

We are so exited! Our Petiole was listed on a well-known web site GreenAppsAndWeb for plant researchers. The overview of Petiole at GreenAppsAndWeb tells about “Calculation of the foliar area with Petiole, a mobile app for leaf area measurement”. We are appreciated for so detailed feedback about our mobile application and want to discover more…
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Maryna Kuzmenko among 100 Female Startup Founders Europe

Female Startup Founders in Agritech is interesting and undiscovered topic not only for Europe but worldwide. In each countries there are many women who work in agriculture and bring innovation to this field. Actually, our project Agfluencers is only about this :). However, now we want to tell you more about a different project, aimed…
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