Author: Maryna Kuzmenko

We bring Computer Vision to plant science

Drones and Sugar Beet: Case Study. Photo credit: Petiole

Drones and Sugar Beet: Case Study

Today, we will consider a case study of a practical application of unmanned aerial drones on sugar beet fields. The fields are based in Ukraine and owned by a huge landfarming corporation.

Фрагмент карты вегетационных индексов (НДВИ) /

A Secret Formula to Calculate NDVI Pixel Values

The calculation of normalized difference vegetation index (better known as “NDVI”) of a particular location – it is not always an easy and straightforward task. Indeed, in such cases, it is important to pay attention not only on the pixels that fall within the geodetic chain (it is fully marked milestones in the pictures and…
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Leaf area measurement with Petiole

Oleg Furmanets, PhD: A magic wand will transfer data about a leaf area

Oleg Furmanets, Ph.D in Agriculture (2015), a lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Science and Agriculture National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use, shared his ideas about precision agriculture and told about his experience of work in this area.

4 proven methods of how to measure leaf area

You have a plant leaf and need to know how to measure leaf area. How to do this calculation? There are a couple of methods — starting from old-fashioned and finished with mobile-based apps.

Why do we need to measure leaf surface area?

A scientist who studies plants repeatedly faced with a need to measure the leaf surface area. The most difficult task is to define complex leaves because the generally accepted scientific methods (contour method, weighting method, cutting method) have the greatest error.

Инновационное развитие Украины: проект Petiole

Агрохакатон, проходивший в Украине и являвшийся самым масштабным, дал свои плоды. Украинские молодые специалисты ІТ-технологий смогли попасть в ТОП-20 самых крутых стартапов мира 2015 года по версии CNBC. Об этом рассказал  Андрей Селезнев, создатель проекта Petiole, который занимается измерением площади поверхности листьев. Основатель стартапа рассказал, для кого создал свой проект, почему не привлекал инвесторов и…
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