How to Check the Accuracy of Petiole Pro Leaf Area Meter Quickly?

Accuracy of leaf area measurement with Petiole Pro app is high (over 98%)

We got many questions about the accuracy of leaf area index measurement with Petiole Pro. Hence, today we will consider this aspect in more details. Also, we’ll give you a proof that Petiole Pro is one of the most accurate leaf area meters now in the world. Are you ready to know the truth?

How to check accuracy of Petiole Pro Leaf Area Meter

Petiole Pro is a mobile application, which helps to make your farming experience more data-driven. It can help you to get information about your crop health and provide insights about plant stress, even without any visual signs.

To demonstrate the high accuracy of Petiole Pro leaf area index (LAI) measurement, we recorded this video:

  1. Install and launch Petiole Pro.
  2. After launching, choose Petiole Leaf Area and then calibrate camera.
  3. Download the accuracy checking pads. You can choose either with an average area of the circles 0.785 square centimetres or with an average area of the circles 1.76 square centimetres. Otherwise, you can get both of them for testing.
  4. When the calibration of the camera is finished, switch on Accuracy Checker. You can do this by pressing the button with a chessboard on the left hand side of the screen.
  5. Place the accuracy checking pad in front of the camera. You can see the accuracy of measurements for all of the circles, which are visible for camera. In the video, demonstrated above, for the circles with the area of 1.77 square centimetres we get an average 1.74 square centimetres. But for circles with the average area of 0.78 square centimetres we have 0.76 square centimetres.
  6. After turning off the accuracy checker mode in Petiole Pro, you can launch initial leaf area index measurement. In the mentioned video, we were measuring leaf area index of rucola (arugula).
Accuracy of Petiole Pro Leaf Area Meter is heavily discussed topic however, we offer to check the accuracy for each leaf area index measurement
Any of the accuracy checking pads for Petiole Pro can help to assess the accuracy of this mobile application for leaf area index measurement

Computer Vision as the foundation of Petiole App

We believe that computer vision can positively change agriculture. That’s why we have created Petiole app and then Petiole Pro, a mobile platform for measurements in horticulture and floriculture.

In simple words, Petiole Pro helps the camera of your smartphone to see the object in front of it. In other words, your camera can measure the leaf or something else. If we are speaking about Accuracy Checker – it measures area of circles on a pad.

Accuracy of Petiole Pro Leaf Area Meter is over 98%
Good results! When measuring area of circles (average circle area 0.785 square centimetres) Petiole Pro demonstrates result 0.79 square centimetres

How does Computer Vision works?

To determine the size of an object (for example, leaf), firstly, there is a need to perform a “calibration”. This is not something unique for Petiole Pro – each Computer Vision algorithm needs appropriate calibration using a reference object. In our case, we have a calibration pad for these purposes.

After this, the camera starts to work as a digital leaf area meter, “sees” the edges of a leaf and then calculate the inner area.

Download Accuracy Checker Pads

Maryna Kuzmenko

Building Petiole Pro to help agronomists, farmers, crop producers solve vision – one tool to save time & money.

2 thoughts on “How to Check the Accuracy of Petiole Pro Leaf Area Meter Quickly?

  1. Do I need to laminate these pads? In your video you have laminated sheets of paper but does it work if not laminated?

    1. Dear Max,
      Thank you for your questions.
      It’s completely up to you. In fact, you don’t need to laminate either a calibration pad or accuracy checking pad. However, if you will do this – they will serve longer period of time. Also, it will be more convenient for you to use them outdoors.

      By the way, here you can find more details about the calibration pads and the aspect of lamination.
      Please, let me know any other questions you have about Petiole Pro.


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