How to measure leaf area with smartphone? Ask Petiole, leaf area meter and ImageJ all in one. Petiole is an expert in leaf area calculation


Accessible Anywhere

Measure leaf area manually at your lab or in a field. Manage each leaf area measurement to find total leaf area and specific leaf area (SLA) without Internet and equipment.

Less Than a Second

Measure specific leaf area faster to make swifter decisions. Petiole gives you information how to calculate leaf area so you can interpret it quickly and act on.

Time Saver; Money Saver

Forget about plant leaf area meter and ImageJ. Or other leaf area measurement software. Petiole makes leaf area calculation and saves your time and finance.

Leaf area meter price is too high. Use Petiole - free mobile app for leaf area measurement


Still have a question how to measure leaf area? Watch our 1-minute answer.


Maryna Kuzmenko, CEO Petiole

Maryna Kuzmenko

Andrii Seleznov, CTO Petiole

Andrii Seleznov



Martin Wyatt, Advisor at Petiole

Martin Wyatt

David Pennell, Advisor at Petiole

David Pennell




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Our team is completely happy to help you with leaf area measurement in the most effective manner. We are waiting for any your question about leaf area measurement and related topics.

We have hands-on experience how to measure leaf area with graph paper, ImageJ and different tricks in Adobe Photoshop. We know about leaf area meters and other equipment for plant scientists in order to get the most accurate data about plant's leaf area.

Hence, we created this mobile application that is affordable for everyone leaf area meter in a smartphone. We tried to explain here as much as possible. But we invite you also to our educational channels in our Dark Green Singularity blog and Youtube as well as our Twitter and Facebook.

Let's make leaf area measurement easy and boost your plant science research!